Yingkou sanding Refractories Co., Ltd. is located in Liaoning Province, Yingkou Economic Development Zone South money village, since the 
Add:Yingkou Nanlou Economic development Area Qianjia Town
Tel:86-417-5282999 / 3293589
Fax:86-417-3293369 / 5638899



establishment of the company, we are located in Yingkou City headquarters and all associated units, has developed into a rich experience in foreign trade industry and trade enterprises......
  • 99 crystal magnesium
  • 98.5 crystal magnesium
  • 98 crystal magnesium
  • 97 crystal magnesium
  • 97.8 crystal magnesium
  • 97.5 crystal magnesium
  • Basic refractory coating (daub, dry vibrating material)
  • Electric furnace bottom ramming material
  • Bedding face of converter high performance repair material
  • Synthesis of calcium magnesium sand
  • Calcination olivine
  • Undressed ore olivine
  • Magnesia carbon brick
  • Calcium magnesium brick
  • Sintered magnesite brick
  • High purity fused alumina magnesia spinel
  • High purity magnesia
  • Brown fused alumina (refractory)
  • High-alumina corundum
  • Refractory grade bauxite
  • Light burned magnesia
  • Dead-burned magnesite
  • Gao Tiegao calcium magnesia
  • Fused magnesia low silicon and high calcium
  • Ordinary fused magnesia
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